• 09 May 2016

By Garima Mehndiratta



Delhi has a funny way of bringing people together in bizarre places when they least expect it. When you talk about love, some meet through common friends, a bunch of them at work and at school and these days, most meet through dating apps. I, on the other hand found my partner at a workout session I went to, through a fitness app. Who would’ve known that our dishevelled hair, warm sweaty face glow and Nike track pants would kick-off a romance? Not me!


The steadily creeping pounds here and there and my not-so-athletic body, was screaming to get fit. Whilst searching for gyms, I came across an even better fix – fitpass. One pass for Rs.999 per month that gave me the freedom to work out how I want, when I want and where I want across any of their 1000+ partner gyms and studios. Amazing, right? As a working professional that is exactly what I needed. The power this pass held amazed me. I started my quest to get fit with Fitpass in October last year. Fully committed to my goals, I promised myself to not be distracted by anything. That was my plan. Just go work out. . No talking. No gazing. No feeling self-conscious over how my butt looked in those tight yoga pants. Work out, then get out. I didn’t want to deviate from what I had set out to accomplish: a fitter me.


I paced my workouts and ensure that I didn’t miss my workouts. I used Fitpass to work out at fitness centres close to office on most weekdays and close to home on other days. My stamina was getting better and I started experimenting with different kinds of workouts – I was loving it! I began to form my own routine with Fitpass, combining workouts that I enjoyed most. Fast forward to December, when I took my first Battle Rope Training session. The intense cardio workout was something I had been waiting to try for a long time, but I was too intimidated. I buckled up, mentally and physically and reserved my first Battle Rope session. Walking over from my home to the workout, a part of me was still shivering with the thought of craziness involved in the workout.


Cue to-be-boyfriend’s entry. Maybe he saw the baffled look on my face when my trainer handed me the hefty ropes and asked me to follow his lead. Or maybe he read on my face how mortified I was, because I hadn’t ever exercised that hard before that he came around and offered help. Our eyes met for a brief moment, we held each other’s gaze and before I knew it he looked away only to give me pointers for my workout. I nearly fainted because of the exhaustion but he encouraged me to keep at it. And I did. I was proud of myself for not giving up.. My workout left me dead, but I still wanted to thank him for helping me out. As I walked over to his weight training section, dripping with sweat and out of breath a little voice in my head screamed, “Do you really want to do this?”. Yes!! My head instantly screamed back! With courage in both hands, I made my way to him; introduced myself and thanked him for his help. After speaking to him for just a little while, I realised that he was not only confident, but mature as well. Realising that he was in the middle of his workout, I didn’t take much of his time and said goodbye. As I walked out of the gym that day, I could feel my stomach churn and roll over. I was overwhelmed! I didn’t if I wanted to do rope training again or if I just wanted to see him again.


For the next few days I watched him workout in his Puma basketball shorts and noticed how handsome he looked in it. But there was more to him than just his looks that reeled me in. Smiling and nodding at each other every time we crossed paths during our workout breaks became a common practice for us. Something unbelievable happened 2 weeks later. Whilst taking a breather at a climbing session near my office, I heard my name being called; so I removed my earphones, turned around and there he was. I was in a frenzy. I was also panicking, since I was sweaty from my workout and definitely not looking my best and he was smartly dressed in his office wear with a blazer on top. But, I still walked over to meet him. We talked about many things and out of selfishness or maybe because I just wanted to see him more often, I asked him to get a fitpass too. I told him about how incredible fitpass was making my workout journey. It didn’t really take me much time to convince him.


We decided to take a Crossfit workout together over the weekend. That workout was the most fun I’d had in a while. We soon started planning our workouts together, first over the weekends and later even on regular weekdays after work..He slowly started making his way to my heart with his kind ways. I laughed at his jokes. He laughed at mine. And before I knew it, I had fallen for him. From our first workout together, we were inseparable. We had our ups and downs like every couple does, but all in all, it seemed too perfect to be something that stemmed from a workout session.


For those of you who are still wondering, four months later, we are going strong and I mean both, fitness strong and love strong. If you’re reading this, I wish that you don’t lose hope for finding love in unexpected places. It’s pretty rare when love just shows up on your doorstep, rings the bell, and introduces itself. But when it does, make sure you embrace it wholeheartedly.

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  • 04 May 2016

By Richa Kandpal

Enroute to fitness, you will come across a lot of "Eat this" and "Don't eat that" kind of remarks. These fitness myths are going to be more frequent than your runs on the treadmill.
Ditch those myths today!

We debunk the top 6 Health myths for you.


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  • 25 April 2016


By Richa Kandpal | Team fitpass

After a first successful round of Odd-Even, it's back with a bang with its second instalment in Delhi. Whilst your contemplation on car-pooling with your friends or family, fitpass rounds up an odd-even workout guide to make sure that this time around, you don’t miss your workouts.

We often get bored with our monotonous fitness regime and end up not working out at all. Step out of your comfort zone today and try this Cardio-And-Strength combo.
Mix it up as per your requirement.


Day 1. Cardio : Aerobics

We all start our workouts with a cardio session and running on a treadmill is a little boring, isn’t it? Give your cardio a twist.
How about Aerobics? Aerobics workout has a lot of health benefits along with cardiovascular fitness. There are numerous forms of aerobics like skipping a rope at home, running or jogging, or joining a gym.


Day 2. Strength : Combat Training

Combat training is a trend nowadays. It improves strength, power, stamina and stability. You learn to transpose energy from your lower body to your upper body.
Interesting, isn’t it? Since this training involves arms, shoulders, legs, core, it is beneficial for you in every way. There are a lot of variations of combat training too.


Day 3. Cardio : Dance Workouts

Who doesn’t love to dance? It is a great cardio option to be fit and happy at the same time. Put some music on and groove along with the beats even if you have no idea about the rhythm. There is more to a dance workout than you think. It boosts brainpower, tones the muscles, improves strength and then you also get to meet new friends and have a great time.

Check out these amazing dance workouts http://fitpass.co.in/blog/top-5-dance-workouts-in-delhi-45/


Day 4. Strength : Circuit Training

There is a plus point to this workout. 30 minutes of circuit training is enough for the day. That’s easy, right It's a solution for all your fitness problems  http://fitpass.co.in/blog/crunched-for-time-try-circuit-training!-59/  

Day 5. Cardio : Pilates

It’s time to say goodbye to the stress. Pilates helps you in every way. It develops the centre of the body. Gain long, lean muscles, more flexibility, strong abdominal and back with this workout. A lot of studios in Delhi offer this must-tryworkout. Don’t wait for a sign; 5th day is your pilates day.


Day 6. Whole package : Boot Camps

The last session of the week? How about doing cardio and some strength training together? Boot camps are the best fit for this. These camps are physical training programs conducted by gyms or trainers where they focus mainly on strength and endurance. It is a circuit of intense physical workouts targeting core, arms, glutes, legs and back. End your week with burning intensity.


Day 7. Your Day : Take rest

Yayy, congratualtions!!  You made it to the end of the week. Do you know what this means? It’s the Cheat day and/or Rest Day. Start your day with some regular stretching or yoga, have healthy meals and yes maybe one cheat meal.

Fitness is 25% Exercise and 75% diet. So, don’t forget to have a healthy diet along with these workouts.

Explore great diet tips with us.



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  • 19 April 2016

By Richa Kandpal | Team fitpass

Who doesn’t want celeb-like sexy abs? Well I do!

Getting a flat belly is easy only if you are active enough and consume an accurate amount of calories.

While cardio helps to reduce belly fat, it is not enough to tone your belly and other specific parts.

Here are some workouts to target and tone your abdomen.
Work hard for that flat tummy.
Hello Summers!



This one single exercise will give you strong abs. It is best for the core, arms and shoulders. Well actually this simple exercise strengthens the entire body.

  1. Start from a pushup position.

  2. Rest your weight on the forearms and not hands.

  3. Keep the back, shoulders and ankles in one straight line.

  4. Hold the position for 30 seconds or more.

Explore different variations of plank workout for better results.


Bicycle Crunches

This workout focuses on the abdomin to stabilize the legs.

  1. Lie straight on the floor and place the hands behind your head.

  2. Lift the right leg straight, parallel to the ground, and bend your left knee, thighs are perpendicular to the ground.

  3. Touch your knee to the opposite elbow and repeat from the other side.

  4. Do bicycle pedal motion with your legs.

You can do this exercise even if you are too lazy to workout.


The Hundred Exercise

The Hundred exercise is a Pilates warmup. As easy as it sounds, trust me it can work up your core like hundred crunches can.

  1. To start, lie straight on the ground with the arms extended on the sides.

  2. Lift both legs parallel to the ground and raise your arms over the thighs.

  3. Move your arms up and down for at least 5 times.

  4. Breathe in and out as you move your arms.


Leg Drop

This workout can work your entire core. Do it every day to get the best results.

  1. Raise your legs 90 degrees from the ground.

  2. Breathe in and squeeze your abs.

  3. Exhale and lower the legs slowly. Keep them 4 inches away from the ground.

  4. Don’t lift your lower back as you go down


Side Squat Reach

Follow this workout to get the strong never-like-before abs of steel.

  1. Start with the wide squat , feet facing out and knees bent.

  2. Don’t let the knees go over the toes.

  3. Raise the right arm and bend the body towards left side.

  4. Bring the right arm down again and repeat for the other side.


Look hot this Summer!

Get your fitpass and reserve workouts in just Rs.999.


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  • 12 April 2016

By Richa Kandpal | Team fitpass

There are lot of amazing gym equipments out there that we would love to workout with. But are you doing it right? Using these equipments accurately is as important as just trying them out. Doing it wrong can give you muscles in wrong parts of your body. Keep the following points in mind before using these 5 gym machines.

1. Horizontal Seated Leg Press

The leg press is one of the best gym machines to use. It is best for your thigh hamstrings, butt and quadriceps.

Sit with your back and head against the padded part.

The legs should form an angle of 90 degree with the knees.

The knees should be in line with the feet not inward or outward. If the knees seem to be in front of your eyes, then adjust the seat accordingly.

Don’t raise your bottom from the seat platform.

Hold the handles while doing the workout and keep your head and back lean against the seat.


2. Lat Pull-Down Machine

This machine focus mainly on the back muscles but is good for the arms and shoulders as well. Lat Pull-downs are the alternative to pull-ups.

Sit on the seat and pull down the bar. Space out the hands for more than the width of the shoulder for a wider grip, equal to the shoulder width for a medium grip and less than the shoulder width for a small grip.

Create a curvature on your lower back by placing your torso back to 30 degrees.

Bring the bar down touching your chest as you breathe out. Squeeze your shoulder blades and go slowly to the starting position.

Do not pull the bars using the forearms. Concentrate on your back muscles and arm movements.


3. Chest Press

The motion of Chest press is similar to pushups. It is best for your chest, biceps and triceps.

Sit on 90 degrees and keep your back in contact with the back support.

Exhale while pressing and inhale while going back to the initial position.

Keep the shoulders at the same height and squeeze the chest muscles while pushing and slowly get back to the initial position.

Don’t arch the back and keep the feet flat on the ground.


4. Hanging Leg Raise


Hanging exercises are the best for core strength and abdominal muscles. They strengthen the arms, back, shoulders and legs too.  One must add this workout in their routine along with the floor exercises.

Use wide or medium grip to hold the bars. Keep the legs extended and the pelvis rolled slightly backwards.

Pelvis should form a 90 degree angle with the legs while doing the leg raise.

Do not use the leg muscles to do the workout.

Keep the pelvis in one straight position and concentrate more on abs muscles.


5. Rowing Machine

If you are focusing more on weight loss, then rowing is the most effective machine to use. Rowing uses almost every muscle of your body be it legs, arms, hips, back, joints or upper body muscles.

Keep the arms and shoulders straight while holding the handle.

While hinging forward from the hips, bend the knee until they are over the ankles.

Let the hands reach the ribs.

Extend the arms and bend knees to slide the seat forward.


Now what are you waiting for? Hit the Gym Today !!

Get your fitpass and reserve your workouts anywhere and anytime across Delhi/NCR just for Rs. 999 .


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  • 08 April 2016

5 natural detoxifiers that you use in your kitchen

By Richa Kandpal | Team fitpasss

Your idea of detox could be based on a number of good reasons like having a FLC (Feel Like Crap Syndrome), trying to fit into your old pants, not being able to control your sweet tooth or cravings for junk food!

Irrespective of what good reason you might have to give, body needs detoxification once in a while.

1. Apples

Apple has been known as a health tonic, medicine, cosmetic and bowel-regulator, wrapped in one skin. Being low in acids, apples help the body to balance stored body wastes which are acidic and above all the soluble fibre present in them helps flush out the heavy metals such as lead or aluminium which we tend to pick up from the city air.
Now that you know apple works wonders, tuck into them! 

2. Artichokes

Artichokes has the capability to cleanse your liver and purify your blood. Cynarin, an antioxidant compound present in artichokes helps liver in producing bile, which is important in the digestion of fats and flushing the toxins out of the body.
So if you are looking forward to a healthy detox plan, don’t forget to include artichokes!


Beets are a rich source of betalains which is a powerful antioxidant found in the rarest of foods. Because liver is the busiest organ, it has to be kept clean. It has the power to directly work on the liver, removing all the impurities from your blood.

Beet can be taken raw, in form of juice or roasted for taste. 

4. Ginger

You might have your own reasons of hating or loving Ginger, but if you just got to know of its role in weight management, anti-inflammatory properties, and detoxifying benefits? Ginger would cleanse your body by stimulating digestion, circulation and sweating hence providing a better defence against illnesses.
The best way to consume Ginger is in form of hot Ginger-Lemon Tea, a great non-caffeine way to a wholesome cup of Goodness!


Lemon is indeed a ‘wonderfruit’. Lemons enhance the release of enzymes and help in converting the toxins into a water soluble form which can easily be excreted by the body. Apart from detoxifying your liver, lemons contain more than 20 anti-cancer compounds and help balance the body’s pH levels.
Get into the habit of having lemon with warm water first thing in the morning, to keep a balance to the acids formed in the body due to the foods that have been consumed.


Learn more about detoxification http://fitpass.co.in/blog/detoxify-your-body-67


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  • 30 March 2016

By Sameer Siddiqui | Team fitpass

Looking to get fit?
To workout well and stay on top of your diet?
While there are apps for anything and everything today, there are a whole bunch of them that help you stay fit.
If you’re confused about which app to pick. Here’s a round-up of all the top fitness apps we think can help you workout and stay fit.

1.) Pocket Yoga

Let us introduce you to your new Yoga Buddy! Pocket Yoga is your personal yoga instructor, complete with audio and video instructions. Execute every pose correctly, using the right posture and position. Choose your ‘experience level’ wisely!

Price - Rs.190
Available on - Android & iOS

2.) Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Runtastic has done everything in their power to help you get ripped 6 pack abs. This interactive app guides you through a host of core training exercises and programs. Choose your trainer, Daniel or Angie, as they show proper technique and execution for each exercise with little slow-mo videos.

Available for free on - Android & iOS
In-app Full Version Price: Rs. 300

3.) Spotify

Can’t find a good workout playlist? The Spotify app is your solution. It will play songs according to the tempo of your workout. If you’re running, it matches the beat of the song to your tempo. Run longer and farther with the music being there with you all the way.

Available for free on - Android, iOS & Windows Phone

4.) MyFitnessPal

An important part of staying fit is to keep a check on what you eat. With MyFitnessPal you can check stats for almost anything you eat. Set your weightloss goal, and the app tells you a Net Calorie figure to maintain through the day.

The more you exercise the more you can eat. How’s that for motivation!

Available for free on - Android & iOS
In-App Premium Features - Rs. 620 per month

5.) Sworkit

Sworkit is out there to help all you busy bees stay fit. It includes a host of body weight workouts categorised into Strength, Cardio, Yoga and Stretching. Follow high quality videos and workout to a countdown clock of the number of reps left.

You can also try Ab & Core Sworkfit, Upper Body Sworkfit, Lower Body Sworkfit or Butt Sworkfit which have workouts for specific body parts.

Available for free on - Android & iOS

Make sure you hit the gym this week with fitpass.
All these apps will help you workout better.


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  • 28 March 2016

By Richa Kandpal | Team fitpass

Looking for complete Proteins in all your meals? Worrying because you are a Vegetarian? You need to stop worrying, because Meat and Eggs are not the only contender. Dairy is also a part of the race, which is an easy to get for the Vegetarians.

Here we list out 5 healthy protein options from your kitchen :


1. Tofu

Tofu, or bean curd is made out of soy milk, water and nigari (a natural coagulant) and is most often used as a substitute for Paneer in the Indian household. Tofu has an incredible ability to soak any flavour that is added to it, so it can be used in any gravy of your choice with extra nutrients added. Tofu being low in fat, can be consumed without a regret and in addition to being a complete protein, it is also a good source of Vitamin B, iron and calcium.

Tip : Try Broccoli and Tofu stir fry when you are planning your next tasty, light and healthy meal!

2. Chickpeas

Chickpea or garbanzo bean is an ancient legume or pulse with each grain packed with protein, fibre and nutrients and is low in calories. 100 grams portion would give you as much as 19 grams of protein.
It will help suppress your hunger, keeping you fuller for long!

Tip :  Lightly boiled chickpea could be added in your salad, pasta or just blended as a nutritious dip!

3. Soybeans

Consuming soybeans is said to be lowering cholesterol levels and lowering bone density, decreasing the risk of fractures, especially in menopausal women.  It is recommended as a good substitute for higher-fat animal products.
Tip : Make some soya idlis for a healthy breakfast.

4. Nuts

The quotation ‘Good things come in small packages’ rightly fits to the category of nuts. These nutritional powerhouses are full of heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Almost all nuts are equal in terms of calories, but the quantity of nuts to be consumed has always been debatable. Remember, moderation is the key.
Tip : Pairing up your nut portion with a fruit could be a good option.

5. Vegetables


All the Vegetables might not typically be the best protein sources but combining these vegetables with whole grains gives you the required Amino acids in your diet. Mix and match your food, to obtain the best of each food.

Tip :  Peas, Spinach, Baked Potato, Broccoli, Corn are some few good options of proteins.

Eat Clean, Train Hard.


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  • 18 March 2016

By Richa Kandpal | Team fitpass

Sitting on the desk all day at office makes your body stiff and makes you feel inactive.
Stay fresh through the day with these 6 yoga poses for you to try out. 


  1. Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar or 'Sun Salutation' is traditionally practiced to express gratitude to the sun. Incorporating surya namaskar to your daily morning routine will not only help you physically but also mentally. It should ideally be done during sunrise.

Benefits :

  • Helps in losing belly fat and unwanted flabs.

  • Improves blood circulation.

  • Helps regulate menstrual cycle.

  • Helps fighting diseases and maintains health.

Note: Do 12 reps in a span of 10-12 minutes


  1. Balasana (Child’s Pose)

Balasana or Child’s Pose is one of the easiest yoga asana. It is a rest pose that you can hold for a longer period of time and is more suitable for those suffering from back pain.

Benefits :

  • Calms your mind.

  • Improves digestion.

  • Elongates lower back and relieves neck pain.

  • Alleviates stress and anxiety.

Note: Hold the posture for 2-3 minutes and repeat for 5-10 times.


  1. Bidalasana (Cat-Cow Pose)

The Cat-Cow pose is a simple way to stretch and elongate the spine and back muscles.

Benefits :

  • Stretches hips and abdomen back.

  • Improves posture and balance.

  • Relieves stress and calms mind.

  • Prevents back pain.

Note : Repeat the pose 5 times or longer.


  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

Performing this asana leaves you energized and revitalizes your body. It is one pose you should definitely include in your workout.

Benefits :

  • Boosts self-confidence.

  • Improves brain function.

  • Tones arms and legs.

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation.

Note: Hold the position for 5-10 breaths and repeat for 4-5 times.


  1. Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

This asana engages every part of the body and is extremely beneficial for the people who want to burn belly fat. Its an easy pose and can be practiced by beginners too.

Benefits :

  • Improves Digestion.

  • Relieves the symptoms of menopause.

  • Strengthens the hips, spine, back chest and shoulders.

  • Provides stamina and energy.

Note: Stay in position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Repeat for 4-5 times.


   6. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend Pose)

This is done for a complete back stretch of the body, including the hamstrings.

Benefits :

  • Strengthens knees and thighs.

  • Improves digestion.

  • Stimulate liver and kidney.

  • Improves cellular growth.

Note: Hold the position for 10 breaths. Repeat for 4-5 times.

These 6 yoga poses are fairly easy to execute and don't take much time. Half an hour in the morning will leave you feeling fresh for the rest of the day.

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  • 14 March 2016

By Richa Kandpal | Team fitpass


“I can never be a morning person because I love to sleep.”

Well, who doesn’t?

If only a few people have the habit of waking up early, a fewer have workout as a part of their morning routine.

But getting up and moving is actually the most effective way to start your day ! Your body will be thankful for this routine.


If the facts haven’t given you enough motivation to try the morning workout, try these ways to push yourself into the routine.


1. Get Sun kissed

The bright light on your face would leave you feeling energised and alert. You might want to position your bed facing east and leave the curtains off when you sleep.


2. Get your gear ready before you hit the bed

Keeping your workout clothes ready, iPod charged and shoes by the door will only speed you on your way. When everything would be ready, you would be more motivated to make it to the gym!


3. Keep your breakfast waiting for you

With a nutrition full breakfast waiting on the table after the sweat, there would be something you will look forward to when you are back, and moreover, you would not want to skip having your breakfast in a hurry to make to your office in time.

Get some easy breakfast options http://fitpass.co.in/blog/5-healthy-breakfast-options-61/

4. Make sure you catch enough sleep

Before you plan to rise and shine, make sure you have had enough sleep. On an average, 7-8 hours of sleep is important for your body to be able to support you in your decisions. And before you give in to your sleep, make sure you shut off all your devices and lower your room temperature for a sound sleep.


5. Choose a workout buddy

Planning out workout sessions with a buddy might just make them easier. When you know you have somebody waiting, you would feel more enthusiastic about having to meet the person and your workout together. Workout partners can actually help you stay committed to fitness and have fun.


6. Cut travel time
When you have your gym somewhere around the corner, you would see yourself making less excuses of not making it to your workout. If a nearby gym is not an option, running outside or indulging in a morning yoga session might do you good.

Make use of fitpass which can connect you to the gyms near your home and office.


7. Do not keep alarm handy

With your alarm handy, it’s difficult to wake up right away. Most of the times you would find yourself hitting the snooze button and getting off to sleep. True, the noise is quite infernal right at that time, but keeping it away from the bed would make sure you actually have to get up to turn it off.


The feel-good emotions after your workout are really worth the pain.

Do not forget how your mood would be uplifted and how active you will feel after a morning workout session!




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